Get manlier friends

When I moved out of state to work a job in manufacturing I learned how freeing it was to actually spend time around mostly men. After work I would put in work on Tinder, meet ladies, and “close deals” but the earlier half of my day was just a bunch of guys shooting the shit. And it was great for me. Why? Well let’s see

1. You’re not afraid to be yourself
Even if most guys don’t dig what you do as a person, they’ll be more likely to tell you and the level of fakeness is reduced when around groups of most men. Catty behavior is near zero (or absent altogether) and you’re pretty much free to express yourself the way you would if women weren’t around. AKA your true form. What this means is that when you ARE around women, this real self will come out more. Women will appreciate it as well. If they don’t appreciate, you will learn not to care.

2. They’ll encourage you to be more masculine
Men check each other way more than women do. Women don’t tell each other to improve. They usually just sit around and convince themselves they’re right and everyone else needs to be better. Men call each other out on their shit more often. I don’t have to explain further why this is good for personal growth. If you’re always told you’re right, you’re not.

3. They roughhouse
Groups of guys will punch each other, body slam each other, and just spar more. This means you have to keep in better physical shape so you don’t look like a bitch in front of your boys. It also makes you more aggressive as a person. If you feel you’re lacking in this department you probably need more male friends.

4. They can actually talk about important shit
Women talk about gossipy bullshit, celebrities, and other useless shit that we as men generally couldn’t give two shits about. If you’re around other men, the topics can literally be anything. It’s more mentally stimulating and you don’t feel like you want to kill yourself hearing about trivial bullshit. Men generally also don’t spend most of their day complaining unless it’s actual life shit. Women get on their soapbox about random people they don’t like.

5. Your T-levels will go up
Being around more testosterone means your levels will increase as well. It’s no wonder that men who spend most of their day around women start to act more like women. The problem with this is that it helps no one.

6. You engage in manlier activities
Hang around women all day and what will happen? You probably start to care about celebrity gossip. You probably become afraid of confrontation. You probably become more timid. Hang around guys all the time and what happens? You hunt. You fish. You fight. You shoot guns. You play sports. You learn some new shit. You talk politics. You make shit happen. Even if you do none of these things, the above 5 things will make you more masculine.

7. You appreciate life more
Men being men is what our life is about. When we’re around each other we learn to take it on the chin more. We become more resilient. We see the bigger picture. When we spend time around women we become petty, we become aggravated by the littlest shit, and we forget our mission in life.

Hopefully these reasons above have helped you see why a man shouldn’t waste his time hanging around women and should seek to make more friends with other men. It will only help you improve more.