Desk jobs were not designed for manly men

I know if you are reading this you may actually work a desk job. Keep in mind I mean no disrespect and want you to be successful in your financial endeavors and taking care of your family. Hell, I write this post because I used to work desk jobs too.

I can tell you that the corporate structure of a cushy desk job is tantamount to killing a man’s essence. I can’t explain it. But it’s almost as if there is a yearning to…I don’t know…get the fuck up and not be confined to a space like an animal.

But aside from that, I feel desk jobs just kill men because of office politics. Men have to learn to be subservient in such ways that slowly but surely kill our spirit. You’ve seen Office Space. Remember Milton? I am sure we all rooted for him but that’s because we don’t actually want to be in his place.

The other aspect of office work is the catty female aspect. Let’s be honest. Nobody actually wants to work with women. Even other women. Too much estrogen leads to an irrational and emotional environment where productivity takes a backseat and feelings get to the forefront of anything. And imagine having a female boss in this environment.

Men being in a place where we essentially have to tone down our masculine nature, succumb to the irrational desires of corporate politics and catty female nature is no place to cultivate ourselves. I know some of us have office jobs until something gets better. I have been there before. Just know this: if your office job is killing your spirit I recommend you get out and find something more masculine. I can’t tell you how much happier I was driving heavy machinery and lifting shit all day working with the boys than I was doing mindless computer work. I could also ACT NORMALLY as opposed to having to be PC and censor myself for fear of losing my job.

Manly professions always create healthier minds in men. Don’t let yourself succumb to the corporate nature and femininity of an office job. Get your hands dirty, learn a trade, and hang with men all day as opposed to slowly turning into a woman by letting emotions get to you, growing boobs, and becoming more passive. I guarantee your body and mind will thank you.