Why ignoring a woman is sometimes stupid

We all know of those strategies from the old PUA days where a guy was using the method of “pulling back” from a girl in order to generate more interest. Supposedly it was all to make sure he was intriguing and busy and all that other garbage. That may have worked in the days before smartphones but using such a tactic nowadays when it makes no sense is only going to hurt your chance. Don’t believe me? Think of the following situation:

Let’s say Ashley has many suitors on Tinder. Let’s call them Dave, Will, Tom, and Matt. Then multiply these 4 times 100 and you will get an idea of how many suitors Ashley has. So now let’s say you’re trying to get Ashley to go on a date with you. Do you think not responding to her messages or waiting to create a mysterious vibe will get her wanting more? Of course fucking not. Ashley wants a massive cock to plow her while her juice run down her leg and you need to be the one doing it. Why the fuck should Tom get there before you? Oh yeah because you thought it was necessary to ignore her.

Okay so let’s say you’re not doing that. Say you and Ashley went on the first date. You feel things went well enough to see her again. So what do you do? Do you wait like a fake cool guy because you don’t want to seem too thirsty? Ashley doesn’t know you from a hole in the wall (ha). Waiting only makes you seem like a guy who has no interest. Women still being the weaker sex won’t be getting in line trying to get you to text them or invite them out again. Despite feminism being so powerful, in essence all it has done is made it EASIER for more aggressive and masculine men to get what they want. Waiting and pretending to be aloof and disinterested is only going to hurt your chances.

If you know you’re into Ashley and whatever other basic White girl you want on your nuts, don’t be thinking pulling back early on will help you. Get her to see you again, and if she isn’t interested, waiting to make a move is only delaying you finding out she doesn’t give a shit about seeing you again. And if she is into you, you not moving fast means she will move on to Dave or whatever other cock is inching closer to her kitty. The truth is that in the days before smartphones and Tinder and online dating, you would have been the guy on her mind and waiting would have helped. Also, in the days before feminism and before there was shaming of slut shaming, Ashley would have been frowned upon for talking to more than one guy at a time. Now, Ashley has her pick of men that are willing to make the move. You need to adapt with the times. Also, Ashley’s biology makes her passive. You’re not doing yourself or her any favors by playing cool.

So what do I recommend? In the beginning just be aggressive. It takes a while to find a balance between showing her you want her and also implying you can get anyone else. Long story short this is more of an attitude you develop that shows to women as opposed to any sort of words that you say. It comes with practice and being passive isn’t going to lead you developing it. I am actually of the belief that men should actually start off aggressive and then learn to dial it back based on the situation and girl. All these gurus who try to sell you on specific step by step methods are well meaning but becoming a natural at understanding the opposite sex is mostly learned through adapting your own game to each experience and woman.

This means that in the beginning you should be aggressive in setting up the meetings. You should be trying to escalate. Worry about all that being aloof shit when she is actually into you. Then use it when you feel she needs to start longing more for you. She’s not gonna long for shit if she hasn’t met you or if she hasn’t slept with you. You can’t be teasing her kitty if her kitty has no experience with the work you do to make her happy. Men should provide a mix of being aggressive and pulling back but pulling back involves her wanting to gravitate to you. You can’t pull back from someone who has no interest in you. You need to generate that first. And in the beginning it’s not as if there is a social stigma with being aggressive. What I mean is it isn’t bad to tell her she should meet up with you or with you making moves. All that stuff is OK and even encouraged. Pull back if you find that you’ve been showing TOO much interest (i.e. being a simp) or hell even if she is starting to simp hard on you. Pulling back in those situations will help even more.

Say you’ve been dating a girl for a while. Say you’ve physically escalated and you know she’s into you. But say you want her into you a little more. Stop texting her for a few days. Get off social media. Just get busy. Take up a new hobby. Hell, it’s always good to just pull back from a relationship. Focus on you. But you shouldn’t be her everything. At that point, YES DO PULL BACK.

You should however NOT pull back when you haven’t laid any groundwork. If she hasn’t shown any indicators of interest or if they are weak at best you should escalate more until you’re sure that she is into you or not. Then your real work begins. Prior to that you should be showing her that you actually intend to escalate the interaction and not just be some weak beta orbiter. If you decide to pull back too early she will either a)lose interest if she already had it and go to Will/Dave/any other guy or b)she wasn’t that interested anyway and your leaving will only speed up the process of you having full irrelevance to her.

Contrast this with showing interest early. You face rejection early on (true) but in my opinion early rejection is the best rejection since it prevents you from becoming a simp later. After all, this is the worst place to be. And in the event you DON’T get rejected early then good things happen and you can employ the strategy LATER when it actually will be more likely to work.

Long story short: be aggressive early (aim for the yes or no), get her hooked if so, THEN pull back and reel her in even further.