Why lonely women are fascinated by cats

We all know the spinster stereotype. Crazy cat lady is part of it. We know that once women go past their wall, they either snatch some poor sap who will support their shit habits or they will be less lucky and live alone and unfulfilled. Sometimes they get a cat. Other times they get more.

Cats are known as being self-centered. Cats largely don’t care whether their owner lives or dies. Cats look out for number 1. Cats don’t follow a herd; they just do their thing and move on with life. In many ways, felines are the most “alpha” in attitude.

Now imagine if a woman had a man like this. She would go insane with trying to keep him. We see this all the time. Guys that act like cats tend to get the girl. They go off and chase the shiny object (other women), then they get bored and on the next one. They usually don’t give a shit about impressing a particular woman and just want their meal (sex). They give affection at their own whim. They don’t really worry about whether the girl loves them or not.

Compare these guys to men who act like puppy dogs. The woman is their master. She says “jump!” and they say “how high?”. They constantly seek validation and approval from her. They act all excited when she gives them a treat (sex), and they can’t go on without her at their side.

Now, I am sure as a guy you value the traits of a dog more than the traits of a cat. An honorable man loves loyalty. But does this actually help with women? The more a man acts like a puppy dog the more a woman pulls back. Of course “alpha” behavior is canine by definition (alpha dog) since dogs also have to lead in packs. But the point stands that guys who actually act like cats can make women crazy for them even if they’re not good at being leaders anywhere else.

The truth is, your leadership ability with women is honestly all that matters if you wish to spread your seed. How much money you make, your looks, your body fat level, all that shit matters but unless you make a woman feel like you can leave at any time AND you don’t care about her existence, she will take care of you as if you were her cat. She will reward you with food (sex), validation (showing you off to her friends), and companionship.

So this leads me to my point about lonely women. The cat essentially acts like a surrogate man for her. He ignores her. He teases her with affection. He looks cute. He makes her feel like she is needed and yet not too much to where she feels smothered. I have a feeling that women who chased bad boys in their youth are the same ones who hit the wall hard and settle down with cats as it subconsciously recreates the experience. Is this scientific? I don’t fucking care.

Anyway, if we want to avoid a generation of spinster cat women and our own frustration, we need to understand that it is traits of both dog and cat that will help us in our quest. We need to lead but at the same time we need to portray that we can be out the door at any minute if a woman’s behavior is not up to our standards. So be like a cat and start being a little more selfish and ready to walk out when need be. It will prevent your lady from becoming a spinster and replacing you with a feline version of what you couldn’t be.