Nice to meet you

Let’s talk about how I have no need to sell you anything. I am a guy who grew up in relative comfort with everything I needed. I don’t have some sob story about poverty or how I pulled myself up from my bootstraps. This isn’t that kind of blog. I don’t have secrets to share or any of that nonsense. I have stories to tell. I want you to know me for me.

My hardships (if you can call them that) happened upon puberty. I was so awkward with women. I was a 5’2 brown skinned kid in high school. I had no idea how to flirt. I once took a girl waving at me so seriously I developed a crush on her and ended up writing some inappropriate love notes that got me kicked out of school. All in freshman year.

We can talk about how I had such a heavy crush on this one Black chick who gave me so many chances to woo her (to the point we even rode the bus home together) and I still didn’t make a move. Talk about being a pussy. Or how when I was in college I barely had the courage to talk to women in my own classes. Or how I finally got my first kiss at 23 (the one at 20 didn’t count as she turned her cheek and we didn’t lock lips). Or how when I first had sex with my first “lover” at 23 I had to lie and say I wasn’t a virgin. Or maybe how this one Christian chick whom I saw for 2 whole dates had me obsessed for a year.

See I was the epitome of a beta male. Or gamma or whatever. Perpetually afraid to make moves, always afraid of confrontation, and just all around a man child. No wonder women were repelled by me. I had good intentions of being a strong male for them and all they could find in me were faults.

Anyway, I want to tell you stories of myself. I want this blog to show you that I am a man like you. I have no idea what the fuck I am doing and learning as I go. I am not like those swindlers who claim they arrived to their destination of hotties and now can take you on your way there. Nope. I do have good stories though. Like when I fucked a girl for almost 4 hours straight on our 2nd date. Or how I choked and slapped a woman into orgasm and had her begging me for more. Or how I got a woman so obsessed and to chase and stalk me so hard (without having sex with her!!) that she managed to find my workplace and my own boss had to lie for me to cover my ass (okay that wasn’t actually a good story). I have those good stories, too. I have painful and pathetic stories of walking through suburban streets crying for a woman to look at me, to stories of Siffredi like sex where a woman basically became my sex slave and would do anything for me sexually. You get it all here.

You’ll get to know about my long distance online relationships that went nowhere. You will get to know about a girl going down on me the first date while in my car parked on a main busy street while I hoped the cops wouldn’t pull us over. You will get to know how women would yell at me in public and humiliate me. You will get to know how I fingered an 18 year old girl outside of a Chipotle where the cops were grabbing lunch. You get pathetic me and triumphant me all here. You will hear how a cute blonde in college told me I wasn’t a real man (hell you will read how MANY people told me that). You will read about my 2nd date with a hot redhead who I boned in a closet while her friend napped in another room. You get the point.

Come along with me on this journey and get to know me. Hopefully you get something out of it. I know that I had moments where I would pray to God that I would leave this Earth knowing I did the right thing. My stories are here to inspire you men to do the same. I have spent much of my life wondering how I can serve other people. I feel like I was put on this Earth to guide my fellow man. I hope you get a lot out of this and that we can learn together and grow as brothers on this journey called life.

L’chaim or whatever the fuck that phrase is.

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